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Play the myth with mischief

Play the myth with mischief
Play the myth with mischief
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Play the myth with mischief – Έναν μύθο θα σας διηγηθώ To Read or Νot to Read the book? (If I were you, I would!) The Mouse and the Lion In the jungle the Lion sleeps, the Mouse goes snorkeling, while the rest of the animals love thrillers although the real terror is larking nearby. Will the animals end up homeless and behind bars? Is the jungle haunted? Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf LRRH’s dream is to be an influencer just like her Granny but the Wolf has other plans for her, namely industrial espionage while the eco-friendly Prince takes up gardening. Their paths cross unexpectedly for the final show. Will LRRH make the headlines? Is the big wolf bad? Will the Prince use his charm? Lucy and the magic golden sphere The snoring beauty, the dedicated teachers, the evil stepmother, the wolves, and a golden sphere are the real protagonists of this fairytale. Combs and candy bars can become lethal weapons. Will Lucy go to college or will she find the true meaning of life in the forest cabin?