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Fear this liar

Fear this liar
Fear this liar
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Aren’t you tired of living in fear? I bet you are. The struggle is real, and it can become exhausting. How many times have you felt that you were about to spread your wings and reach new heights, but in the last moment, some sort of invisible leash kept you chained to the ground? Probably a lot. Lots of us have been through this one way or another, and relationships of all kinds are influenced. This transformative book will help you discover how to get rid of fear. It focuses on deep soul-searching, philosophical wisdom, and empirical approaches for a mindset shift that will allow you to live a fearless, happy life, free of self-doubt. Each chapter reveals a new way of thinking that doesn’t leave room for complex wordings and motivational jargon. After the pivotal introductory first part, which will help you see things from an entirely different perspective and prepare you to go deeper into your soul-searching, you’ll get to know the different types of fear in a structured manner that provides answers to questions such as: - Do I have this fear? - Why might I have it? - What are its origins? - What are the approaches I can follow to overcome it? - How will it look and feel when I’m no longer under its influence? In the last part, you’ll find practical exercises that will propel you into living your best life yet on your own terms. With the book’s doable practices and valuable insights, it’s your turn to break the chains of fear and unlock the power you have in you. Like every journey in life, freedom starts with the first step. In this comprehensive guide, author and analyst Christos Vasilopoulos breaks down 22 specific types of fear, including fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of relationships, and fear of the unknown. Using real-life examples and personal anecdotes, Christos provides what you need to start gaining a deep understanding of fears and offers a range of actionable steps towards overcoming them. Don't let fear, toxic thoughts, depression, and anxiety control your life any longer. Take the first step towards freedom. Turn the pages and become a changed person.